Rex Rocket: Gama Article and Presentation

Infinity Shaft: high shaft full of mines that you need to use tri bolt shotgun to ascend
crazy laser shaft: narrows as you move up

* starting out, learning to finish projects
* how i became a game producer
* inception of rex rocket
* running rex rocket kickstarter, kickstarter tips
* joining rex rocket
* level design of a platformer

Rex Rocket: More Barracks Rooms

 - infinite mirror loop plus infinite enemies
 - labyrinth with odd room switch locations
 - rotate and dodge mines
 - secret door room
 - mario longjump
 - sticky grenade attaches to enemy and flips switch
 - Jetpack puzzles
 - absolutely crazy laser puzzles--- use many different kinds of laser door and use a LOT of laser reflecting mirrors
 - Wallslide spiky bullet row, periodic danger that you have to wallslide to avoid. Use the parachute guys.
 - Do a horizontal laser chase using mirrors and switches-- you move left on various laser planes which need to be switched back and forth in order to allow you access to different planes. -|-|-|-|
 - arial mario blocks (lava wheels)
 - tunnel o love
 - Elevator DDR-- move upwards as crushers try to crush you
 - Ladder Rambo, rove around on a ladder shooting stuff

Small Tokomak
Same idea, just as fun, a little easier, fits on one screen.

Rex's Air Ride
Rex must ride moving platforms and dodge a minefield of spikes in this classic Megaman-style screen.

Kompressed Power
Player must descend into an inescapable pit to access a laser switch, then use wall jumps on the kompressor walls to escape. Walls close in slowly, building tension. Optional: put a health upgrade in there instead, and make the kompressors work faster.

Twisty Destiny
Player must rely on moving platforms to make his way through this bend in the road. Deathlaser optional but recommended. Astute player can wallslide instead of riding the last platform. In fact, only the first upwards platform is actually required to make it through the screen given excellent gunjumping skill.

Note to self: perhaps add another spike (periodic kind) impeding the wallsliding path, to add more tension.

Rex Rocket: Small Enemies

Enemy Ideas To Mock Up: Bazooka Slime Snail, Grey Goo, Deathsketball Players

fraps 15 frames/sec halfsize

virtual dove open and video filters reduce the size set image to nearest neighbor and reduce video size by 50% and hit make GIF (windows)

More levels: more of what you've been doing
- do some that involve using hover platforms you have to shoot
- design one with the hydraulic presses (you can rotate them)
- do 'em in photoshop
- hydraulic press object: set width, (compressor block that can move up and down) trash compactor room (star wars trash compactor room) write log entries in the room
- exploding barrel
- ceiling traps
- parachute guys
- directional platforms
- rotator from tokomak room (you can use them the same way you use a wallpress)
- tank
- shield guy
- bunkers with guns
- octobot

* sign up for GDC
* buy printer

Deathsketball Players


Use an electrically charged spear to fire bolts of lightning. Highly mobile, able to charge across a room. (Note to self, make them use the spear to jump around.)

Bushmen are paranoid soldiers from the barracks zone. They hide underneath the floor until Rex gets within a certain distance from them, then pop out and start slashing.


Deathsketball is an ancient game originating with the peaceful plant-based psychics of the Moosehead Nebula. The game was originally used as a method of punishing violators of the Moosehead Nebula's sacred dietary restrictions. However, the game became a popular intergalactic sport after it was featured in a reality show. It is now one of the most-loved sports in the galaxy, especially among robots, convicts, and those with the ability to regrow limbs.

Deathsketballs can be found in a rec-room area of the barracks, being generated by a Deathsketball hoop. One can find goo-based supersoldiers shooting the ball back and forth.

Deathsketballs follow a very basic diagonal bouncing patterns, but have more complex death mechanics. If shot, the deathsketball bounces, turns orange, begins to move faster, and does damage when it hits enemy units. It will "cool down" after a few seconds and begin travelling normally again. If hit with a charged shot, a deathsketball will create a massive explosion and fire its spikes off in 4 directions.

The player first discovers these in a joke room, the cleaning closet of the ship. LAUREN makes a sarcastic comment about how every robot is essential in her battle to stop you. Later and rarely, cleaning bots may be mixed into normal enemy fights.

The Maidro-Bots attack Rex with cleaning fluid while shouting EXFOLIATE, EXPURGATE, EDULCORATE, ELUTRIATE and similar. The cleaning fluid freezes Rex after a few shots, and then the Maidro-Bots switch from firing cleaning fluid to feather-dusting Rex. Maidro-Bots are completely harmless on their own, but combined with other enemies they can immobilize Rex and make him an easy target.

Rex Rocket: Tokomak Mirror Puzzle

Rex enters the room from the right and waits for the slow-moving chain to move past the entrance. He then fires at the first mirror to swap the beam door positions. He fires a shot to open the second beam door, waits, and fires another shot. The first shot hits the switch, he jumps up, and the second shot hits the switch before he lands on the reformed beam. He repeats this to get on the topmost beam, and the proceeds out of the room.

Rex Rocket: "Fat Boy" Enemy

This enemy is extremely deadly if you're on the same plane as him. The best way to take him out is to attack from above or below with a grenade when his mouth is open, causing him to explode, taking out other enemies in a radius. You can place him in more protected positions or use obstacles to make it more difficult to get a grenade in his mouth.

If you want to make a harder variation, put a plate over his mouth that must be destroyed to make it open so that he can be grenaded. You could also add a heat seeking missile that shoots out of his mouth, to theaten Rex when he's not on level with the enemy.

Rex Rocket: Mirror Puzzle Progression

A simple airlock that teaches the basics of using the mirrors.

After the first mirror puzzle I suggest also showcasing them in a combat situation. I was thinking of using background elements to highlight the path of the mirrors, like a diagonal striped wall (suggesting "caution")

You need to use the reflective properties of a patrolling enemies to make a laser bridge appear. Looks simple, but the Met fires soon after you need to shoot it, which can make things tricky.

PUZZLE 3 - Timing
Another property of the mirrors is that the switch doesn't actually trigger for a few heartbeats. In this puzzle, you need to use that fact to make the switches trigger in midair. Very evil. You can replace the upper left mirror with a shield knight to make things even more hectic.

You can sprinkle these in later in the stage.